Good morning! As many of you are aware, The nation as a whole is facing a health issue that has many concerned with going out in public let alone take care of themselves. I wanted to reassure all of our clients that here at A Natural Touch Massage we practice health safety on a daily basis. We practice hygiene safety, by cleaning the office regularly, however, due to the increased length of the virus remaining viable for 10-12 hours, we will be increasing the frequency to several times a day instead of at the beginning and end of the day. We also ensure and always have insured that each client has a fresh set of sheets before each appointment. We have also implemented use of antibacterial sprays on our porous surfaces. We will be wiping down the checkout area after each client to further ensure our clients’ safety.

For those of our clients that are immunocompromised and/or elderly we encourage you to do what is in your best interest since you are at the greatest risk. Please let us know if you need to postpone your appointment until a little later after the crisis has passed. We would much rather have you wait until later and reschedule than to be exposed while out and about and lose you completely. If you need to cancel or reschedule due to the virus you will not be charged for the missed appointment. I can’t emphasize how much we would rather you be safe and healthy that see you at risk.

For those of our younger clients, I would encourage you to maintain good health practices. This is the same request I ask every year with the beginning of the flu season. However, let me expound on that a bit. If you have been to an area of increased infection, please delay coming to see us for at least 2 weeks after your return without symptoms. If you are suffering from cold like symptoms, nausea, or fevers, please refrain from scheduling appointments with us. Keep us safe as well as the other clients that are scheduled after you. If you’re ill, please call us to let us know that you are unable to make it.

I pray that you are all safe and are staying hydrated. If you are unable to come into the shop and are having discomfort, don’t forget stretching and hydration does wonders for the body.

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